About Us

The Deep Pan Man is a great takeaway in Blythe Bridge, Stoke on Trent. At The Deep Pan Man you will find the tastiest pizzas in all of Stoke on Trent.

To product there great tasting food The Deep Pan Man use only fresh ingredient with a splash of their very own special savory sauce to create a unique taste that other pizzeria can’t compete with.

Not only are the ingredients fresh but the dough is too. The Deep Pan Man makes their pizza dough daily, making sure you get the freshest great tasting pizza possible.

The Deep Pan Man is now under new management, try there all new dishes and taste the improvement for yourself. The Deep Pan Man, online order @ The Deep Pan Man or call on 01782 388 448.

Our Services

The Deep Pan Man cooks a wide range of delicious tasting pizzas including great classics such as Hawaiian, Margherita and Texans BBQ to The Deep Pan Man special.

The Deep Pan Man also cook other pizzas such as Balti Chicken, Amserdammer, Farm House, Fully Monty, Mexican and Meat Lovers Delight. Besides cooking great pizzas The Deep Pan Man also offer Southern Fried Chicken, Burgers, Kebabs and Currys.

The Deep Pan Man also offers a wide range of deserts and drinks.

Latest News

The Deep Pan Man is under new management, order online now to check out there new dishes The Deep Pan Man, Order Online

The Deep Pan Man are now accepting online card payments, so you can now pay for you order online using our safe and secure debit/credit card payment option.

Touch2Success have just installed The Deep Pan Man a brand new online ordering system, so you can now order online via The Deep Pan Man